Bloomington Scores Again As a Warehouse Locale

Basketball coach Bobby Knight may disagree, but Bloomington, IN, is a centrally located town offering loads of amenities. It’s also a great place to put your warehouse to get the lowest possible lead time to your customers, according to supply chain services consultancy Chicago Consulting. For the third consecutive year, Chicago Consulting has named Bloomington the best place to locate a warehouse in its list of 10 best warehouse networks.

According to Chicago Consulting, the average time it would take an order to get a customer from Bloomington is 2.28 days. If you have two warehouses, Chicago Consulting says the best locations to provide the quickest lead time (on average) are Ashland, KY, and Palmdale, CA.

One caveat: The list takes into account lead time only, notes Chicago Consulting managing partner Terry Harris. You can check out the list for yourself at