Brookstone Launches Invitation-Only Loyalty Program

Cataloger/retailer Brookstone has launched a cross-channel loyalty program that will be offered to customers by invite only.

Brookstone IN Rewards will award credit toward future purchases based on spending activity. The Merrimack, NH-based merchant will record transactions for participating customers shopping at Brookstone stores, online at, or through Brookstone’s catalog contact center.

Michael Greenberg, vice president of marketing for Loyalty Lab, a San Francisco-based developer of customer loyalty programs for the retail industry, says the Brookstone is using his company’s Customer Relationship Management Suite product, which also powers Brookstone’s marketing e-mails, to run the marketing program. The solution plugs strategically into the systems for each of the gadgets and gifts merchants’ three channels to create a single view of the customer while powering customer enrollments and account management, rewards tracking, and targeted messaging, Greenberg says.

Greenberg could not speak specifically about Brookstone’s program, but he says that the annual cost to run a loyalty program through the suite runs in the low six figures, depending on the size of the e-mail lists.

“In general, catalogers can benefit from a loyalty program because the customer gives them a deeper collection of data, like demographics, preferences, and other relevant information that can be used for marketing communications,” Greenberg says.

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