Consumer E-mail Rental Prices Down 5% from 2002

The average list rental price of consumer book and CD buyers rose more than 9% during the past 12 months, according to services provider Worldata, Conversely, prices for permission-based consumer e-mail lists fell 5% during the same period.

The statistics are from Worldata’s List Price Index, which compares list rental costs on a year-to-year basis. The current report looks at prices in April 2003 compared with April 2002.

The average rental cost of a permission-based consumer e-mail list is $172/M, down from $181/M a year ago. Worldata attributes the decline to “looser opt-in restrictions such as negative option participation, e-mail appending, and the virtual dismissal of double opt-in methods.” The $11/M increase in the cost of book and CD buyers files, to roughly $125/M, reflects the phasing out of the lower-priced lists of cassette buyers.

Among other categories enjoying price increases: databases and masterfiles, which rose nearly 6%, and business merchandise buyers, which rose nearly 3%.