Corrections and Clarifications

Sep 01, 2001 9:30 PM  By

CORRECTIONS: In the July Small Catalogs Forum (“Management Software That Fits”) we misspelled the name of CommercialWare. And in the August Electronic Catalog (“The Payoff of Paid Search Engines”), we stated that Inceptor’s software license for page conversion costs $150,000 a year; however, the $150,000 is a one-time fee for a perpetual license. Catalog Age regrets the errors.

CLARIFICATIONS: In the August article “Going It Alone Gets Tough for The Last Best Place,” we reported that The Last Best Place had 19,000 12-month buyers, using information available from SRDS. Indeed, that was the figure listed with SRDS. But according to Last Best Place vice president Jeanne Sheldon, the cataloger actually has 69,000 12-month buyers.

And in the July Electronic Catalog (“E-Commerce Management Software Roundup”), our description of 360Commerce’s ExtendYourStore Point-of-Sale (POS) Release 4.0 was incomplete. The software is designed for in-store POS use at cash registers, though the application’s multichannel architecture provides for integration with a retailer’s online and catalog businesses.