Costume SuperCenter Inventory Lost to Superstorm Sandy

Nov 08, 2012 10:28 PM  By

Add Costume SuperCenter to the list of ecommerce merchants whose businesses have been shut down since SuperStorm Sandy hit Oct. 29.

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Costume SuperCenter is located in the same Edison, NJ building as themed party supply seller Birthday in a Box, whose situation was reported Nov. 7 by Multichannel Merchant.

Lara Burke, Costume SuperCenter’s SEO copywriter, posted details about the flooding and power outages, as well as photos of the damage, on the company’s blog. Images were also posted to Costume SuperCenter’s Facebook page.

According to the blog post, the storm surge caused four feet of flood damage to the building.

Here’s an idea of how powerful the storm surge was: Burke wrote in the blog post that the building Costume SuperCenter is in is in a wooded industrial complex that backs to the marshes of the Raritan River, about 2 miles from the Raritan Bay and Atlantic Ocean.

A clean-up company was brought in to gut offices and remove flooring and furniture. All inventory destroyed by the flood was also thrown away. Costume SuperCenter’s warehouse is also being scrubbed, sanitized and dried out.

The building did not have power as of Nov. 6, and Costume SuperCenter staff and executives had been working on the cleanup via generated power.

Another ecommerce merchant in the same complex, camera and electronics seller Abe’s of Maine, lost power, but did not have any flooding damage, according to tweets sent by the company. Abe’s of Maine is less than 1,000 feet north of the building shared by Costume SuperCenter and Birthday in a Box.

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