Creative Kidstuff, Fall/Winter 98/99

Sep 01, 1999 9:30 PM  By

Nothing epitomizes happiness more than a laughing child, and in its catalog subtitled “The Happy Book,” Creative Kidstuff fills the pages with hundreds of colorful images of delighted children at play.

This Silver Award-winning Fall/ Winter catalog edition is a shining example of depicting children having fun. For starters, “there is constant movement in this catalog,” marvels one judge. Children rarely sit still, and each catalog spread shows the movement, action, and excitement that kids typically radiate. Most of the images also show children using and enjoying the toys, books, and educational products being offered. Depicting youngsters bouncing on pogo sticks, working with science kits, and dressing up in costumes, nearly every photo “shows the benefit of the merchandise,” a panelist remarks.

Judges also love the animated copy. “It inspires me to buy these dress-up clothes for my kids,” says one. A Medieval Princess Kit “has three foofy skirts, an adjustable cummerbund, duchess hat, jewels and trim to accessorize with and a wand to wave at the subjects!” The Robin Hood Kit includes “a pouch to collect from the rich to give to the poor!” The copy is focused, fun, and thorough. It gets into the mind of a child but also gives parents the information they need to make a purchase.

On the other hand, Creative Kidstuff needs some work in the customer service department. “The catalog has missed a few opportunities here,” says one judge. “It doesn’t include any return or exchange information, and the payment information is very difficult to spot.” At least the toll-free number appears prominently on several pages, some of the panelists note.

Overall, Creative Kidstuff is a catalog that plays up to children’s playfulness while also appealing to their parents’ sensibility. From photos of kids having tons of fun to the vast selection of toys and educational merchandise, this catalog is a definite winner. As one judge says, “What child wouldn’t love to play with the products in this catalog?”