David Wertheimer: 2011 MCM Awards Judge

Judge: David Wertheimer
Company and position: CEO at Canopy Commerce
Years as an MCM Awards judge: 1


How would you describe your job and what you do?
I build ecommerce websites for a variety of companies.

Why do you think you were chosen to be an MCM Awards judge?
Including my client-side experience, I’ve been involved in dozens of site launches, many of which are multichannel in nature. My background includes marketing, strategy and usability.

What direct marketing subject could you talk about all day?
The overall brand experience.

What excites you most outside the office?
Music, baseball and family.

What was your first job?
I was a clerk on the dollar futures commodity exchange for my brother’s little league coach.

In high school, I was:
the founder of my school’s radio station.