DeSantis Hits the HighRoads

The parent company of men’s apparel title The DeSantis Collection has launched a companion catalog. Titled HighRoads, the new book sells casual clothing, rather than the business and special-occasion clothing sold in The DeSantis Collection. Both titles are owned by clothing designer Carl DeSantis’s Hassler Consortium.

HighRoads debuted in February with a mailing to more than 500,000 DeSantis customers and rented names, says president Judi Fox. The title targets middle- and upper-income men 35-50 years old. “The merchandise is a break for the man who wears his custom suit during the week,” Fox says.

While none of the items in the 36-page spring catalog cost more than $50, the fall edition will sell sweaters that cost $50-$100. Merchandise in the spring issue includes T-shirts, polo shirts, and pleated slacks. So far, HighRoads has a conversion rate of approximately 5% and an average order of $100-$150.