DMA CEO Search Continues

The U.S. handed over control of Iraq to the Iraqi people two days ahead of schedule, but the hand over of power at the Direct Marketing Association is running behind schedule.

President/CEO H. Robert Wientzen had announced in December that he would step down on June 30. But in a June 30 release, the DMA said that its executive search committee is continuing its search for a replacement. In the meantime, Wientzen has agreed to stay on until a replacement is found.

As soon as the search committee concludes its process, the name of new head of the association will be announced. No timeline was given. Michael Sherman, vice chairman of Crosstown Traders, is the chairperson of the DMA’s executive search committee.

The DMA has been in this sort of situation before. Jonah Gitlitz had been scheduled to retire as head of the organization in January 1996. He ended up remaining at the DMA until October of that year, when Wientzen came onboard.