DMA Mandates E-mail Authentication

Oct 19, 2005 3:07 AM  By

The board of directors of the Direct Marketing Association voted to require all DMA members to use e-mail identification and authentication protocols.

“E-mail authentication protects the integrity of responsible marketers’ brands and improves the likelihood that legitimate e-mail, whether it is a marketing offer, airline ticket confirmation, or a financial statement, gets through to its intended recipient,” DMA president/CEO John Greco said at the DMA’s annual conference this week in Atlanta. “Consumers can have more confidence they are getting a legitimate, valid offer from a trusted source. Marketers get fewer false positives, increased deliverability, and better protection for their brands against illegal use. It¹s a win-win for everybody.”

The DMA estimates that legitimate commercial e-mail resulted in approximately $39 billion in sales in 2004, including about $9 billion in small-business sales.

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