Dr. Leonard’s Leases New Call Center Space

Dr. Leonard’s Healthcare Corp., which sells home healthcare products for seniors, has leased 15,000 sq. ft. of space at an office in Edison, NJ. The office will house a call center for more than 50 people starting next month.

Why does Dr. Leonard’s need extra call center space? In addition to general expansion plans, the mailer wanted to consolidate some of the catalog’s front-end departments in one centralized area at its Edison, NJ, headquarters, says Gary Giesler, president/CEO of parent company, AmeriMark Holdings.

AmeriMark also has a call center in Lincoln, NE, with 200-300 workers. Giesler says the company decided about a year ago that it wanted to expand the Edison facility. “We wanted to increase the size of the call center and consolidate the merchandising, inventory, planning, and creative departments,” he says.

It makes send to bring the teams closer: “Right now we have three different buildings, with our creative in New York City,” Giesler says. “It always works better when you get them together.”

Cleveland-based AmeriMark Holdings, #53 on the 2009 Multichannel Merchant 100, has owned Dr. Leonard’s Healthcare Corp. since December 2007. The company’s sales for last year were $432 million.