Edmund Scientific, 1998 Optics and Optical Instruments

Sep 01, 1999 9:30 PM  By

You might expect a cataloger of industrial optical equipment to have an eye-catching cover, and the Gold Award-winning Edmund Scientific does not disappoint. The dramatic cover photo, which depicts a beam of light bouncing off several products – a compact Blue-Argon laser, a dovetail optical rail, and a silicon detector – is “spectacular,” in the words of one judge.

With more than 250 pages packed full of optical instruments, “this is truly `the complete source for photonics equipment’ as indicated on the catalog cover,” says another judge. The range of product offered is “staggering,” yet another judge notes.

Few would argue that Edmund Scientifc is a leader in the optics catalog market, and the company is more than willing to share its expertise with customers. “The education on basic optical principles and products is outstanding,” a judge marvels. Precision is critical to this market, and the catalog copy addresses this fact on every page. “Benefits, technical specifications, and recommended uses are always included,” a judge points out. “It’s truly a reference guide, with an encyclopediaful of information.” And amazingly, several judges note, the copy is easy to read and understand, without a lot of technical jargon.

What’s more, thanks to a clean, organized design, the catalog is easy to navigate. Colored sidebars with border bleeds help the reader find various product category sections with ease, while photography positioned at the outer edge of the pages captures the attention of browsers. Pages are filled with detailed line art, illustrations, and crisp product photography. “The photography reproduction is excellent, considering the light weight [48 lb.] of the paper stock used,” says a judge.

Edmund Scientific offers many services, from customized printing on many products to same-day shipping for orders placed by 5 P.M. Eastern time. The cataloger also staffs its application engineering department with optical engineers available to answer customer questions. “The superior attention to education and information makes this catalog the authority in the field,” a judge says.

Better yet, Edmund Scientific demonstrates that it knows how to promote its products and expertise. “To sell optical equipment, you should never skimp on what the eye sees. Paper, photography, and focus are critical,” a judge concludes.