EquaShip Adds USPS Priority Mail To Offering

EquaShip, billed as America’s fourth parcel carrier, announced a three-way partnership to add discounted U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail
, Express Mail and international products to its offerings.

EquaShip’s partnership with Online Shipping Insurance Services (InsureShip) and Express1 (one of three authorized USPS resellers formed after the demise of DHL Home) will bundle $100 of regulated insurance for parcels called EquaSurance).

EquaShip targets small- to medium-sized ecommerce shippers and claims potential savings of 26%-78% compared to FedEx, UPS, and DHL rates.

EquaSurance coverage on every parcel reduces the impact top the merchant’s customer service departments when packages are lost or damaged in transit.

“More than two-thirds of all ecommerce shipments – which are predominantly residential and weighing less than four pounds – are shipped by USPS today,” EquaShip CEO Ron Wiener says. “High-priced carriers like UPS and FedEx attract some lightweight parcel shippers through their built-in $100 of declared value coverage, which USPS Priority Mail does not include.”

EquaSurance is merchant’s insurance designed for online sellers, distributors and manufacturers who ship new, invoiced products to customers.

EquaShip launched its beta website on Oct. 18, Wiener says. “We then started rolling east-to-west operationally, and should be covering the entire U.S. and coming out of beta by the end of November. Right now we’re live in New York, Texas, Florida, and a few other mid-Atlantic and southeastern states, but we’ve been turning on specific customers all over the country.”