Equitium Group Acquires Caswell-Massey

Private equity firm The Equitium Group on Sept. 21 acquired Caswell-Massey, a multichannel marketer of luxury personal grooming products. Equitium bought the merchant from investment firm BFMA Holdings, which had acquired Caswell-Massey in July 2003. Terms of the deal are undisclosed.

The Equitium Group invests in health and beauty, fashion, and personal care companies, and provides management consulting and financial advisory services across industries. The firm plans to use Caswell-Massey to augment its luxury brands.

“We were attracted by Caswell-Massey’s legacy of producing top-quality products. It perfectly fits our investment focus of backing personal care and luxury companies that have strong growth potential,” said Amir R. Amir, managing partner at Miami-based Equitium Group in a statement.

Originating in 1752 in Newport, RI, as Dr. Hunter’s Dispensary, Edison, NJ-based Caswell-Massey uses age-old methods in producing its soaps, lotions, fragrances, and other personal care items. It sells its products via a catalog, Website, its stores, and through other retailers.