Reviewed 1/7/00, 4:30 p.m., Netscape

just when I think this might be a snappy Website, I see a notice announcing “Last updated 9/14/98.” For shame, 3S! Then I go to the Products link and find a limited listing of items, some of which are not hyperlinked (why are centrifuges listed if they aren’t for sale?).

As for a search engine, don’t bother; it isn’t there. At least I can order products easily – without an account number or a user profile. Still, there’s no indication of 3S’s inventory status or when my order will be delivered.

The good news? I particularly like the 3S catalog request form. Not only does it ask for all the standard information, but it also lets the requester get free samples of products, ask for various literature, and recommend additions to the 3S Website. (Boy, have I got a list!)

I’m intrigued by the Free Goodies link. But that, too, is poorly done, in that it lists food items (which threw me for a moment) and other gifts, but gives prices as “$250+” or “$350+.” It’s not until you get to the bottom of the page that you realize these are order premiums.

And just to continue griping, I hate sites that use too many frames – and this one does. During my visit, the gift baskets link loads only one of the three frames on the page. Just a glitch? Aw, who cares!

I do like the special section for small-volume buyers (25 product units, say). 3S is at least trying to appeal to smaller businesses with this less-than-stellar site.