FOCUS: RESTAURANT SUPPLIES – peerless restaurant supplies

Reviewed March 15, noon, Explorer 4.5 (

peerless claims to have everything for a restaurant “from design through installation.” What a shame its motto could not also be applied to its Website.

True, it is harder to exhibit creativity on a b-to-b site, but that should not excuse vast oceans of stark white space in which the tiny photos swim. The site looks as if an amateur designed it, which in turn makes the visitor question the professionalism of the company overall.

Peerless has the product breadth and depth to be a one-stop shopping destination for a restaurant – if it would improve its search capabilities. The Cybercritic is dizzy from looking at the long list of alphabetized products that goes on for more than four pages! Technology is changing every day, and if Peerless wants its Website to be proactive, it needs to upgrade the site.

And the upgrades needn’t be costly or complicated. In addition to enabling users to search by keywords and enlarging the photos that act as links to the product categories, Peerless could add some business-related content to increase stickiness and encourage return visits.

A word to Peerless: The Web is fast-paced. If you want to truly compete in this arena you not only have to know the rules, but you also have to apply them.