French Parent Changing Brylane Corporate Moniker

Redcats, the Paris-based the catalog/home shopping division of Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (PPR), which has owned New York-based multititle cataloger Brylane since 1998, on June 28 announced that it would change Brylane’s corporate name to Redcats USA.

The name change won’t affect any of the company’s U.S. catalog titles, including Lane Bryant, Roaman’s, Chadwick’s of Boston, Lerner, Jessica London, and KingSize. Even those catalogs with the name “Brylane” in them–BrylaneHome, BrylaneHome Kitchen, and BrylaneHome Wishes—won’t have their names changed.

“The change reflects our desire to build stronger relationships with our parent companies, Redcats and PPR, improve our visibility in the global marketplace, and keep our focus on a bright future for our employees,” Redcats USA president/CEO Eric Faintreny said in a statement, adding that the name change will take several months to complete.