Frontgate Spins Off Another Title

The press-shy Cornerstone Brands isn’t saying much about the latest offshoot of its Frontgate home furnishings catalog, titled Grandin Road. One thing’s for certain, however: The new book is designed to give customers and prospects the kinds of quality home goods products they see in Frontgate and its other offshoots–Gentlemen’s Domain, The Ultimate Grill, Splash Pool & Spa, and Fine Outdoor Furnishings–but with an emphasis on value pricing.

Grandin Road, which mailed in March to an undisclosed number of Frontgate customers and prospects, is “centered on organizing and maintaining your home,” says spokesperson Dan Lally. Products range from a sink caddy for $7.95 to an 8’ x 10’ leather-bordered bamboo rug for $1,199.95. Most items, which include gardening tools, kitchen accessories, and storage gear, cost less than $100.

On the opening spread and the order form, the catalog promises to “match any catalog price within 90 days.” The copy emphasizes price in other ways. For instance, “elegant Italian beechwood chairs start at less than $100.00”; “restaurant-quality stainless steel bowls [are] only $19.95 for the set”; the Mosquito Magnet Defender is “the best value in effective mosquito control—only $295.”

Frontgate and its five spin-offs make up the flagship Westchester, OH-based Cinmar division of Cornerstone Brands. Cornerstone also mails the TravelSmith, Garnet Hill, Ballard Design, Territory Ahead, and Smith & Noble catalogs.