Hoping to put a glow on the faces of upscale consumers, high-end cosmetics marketer Glo launched a 34-page catalog in November 2000. The catalog sells beauty products such as Sud Pacifique fragrances and Therapy Systems skin care, with prices ranging from $8 to $195.

In addition to serving as a sales channel, the book is part of Glo’s aggressive brand-building campaign, says spokesperson Kelley Kovak. Glo believes the catalog is less expensive and has greater revenue potential than traditional advertising. “It’s the strongest marketing vehicle we have and it reaches the most people,” Kovak says. The company also has three stores and a Website (

Of the 210,000 women who received the initial mailing, 90% came from rented lists. The others were Glo customers or requesters. The company targets women 25 and older who wear designer clothing. “The merchandise appeals to active working women with a certain amount of disposable income,” Kovak says.

The catalog’s initial results met company expectations, netting an average order of $111 and a response rate of approximately 1.5%. The next mailing, a drop of 350,000, is scheduled for this month.