Google Announces the Launch of New Free Products

Jul 12, 2012 12:23 AM  By

Google recently announced several free products that could boost user confidence while shopping online and give marketers and developers better tools when measuring the success of their mobile apps.

Google announced the beta release of Google Trusted Stores, an interactive badge that can be placed on a merchant’s site allowing shoppers to view a report card that grades merchants shipping and services with a simple click of a button.

According to Google’s own blog, “This badge is only awarded to online stores that deliver a great overall experience, so even if you haven’t shopped with this merchant before, you can easily tell if they are trustworthy, ship quickly and reliably, and offer exceptional customer service.”

Merchants interested in participating in the Google Trusted Stores program can apply here.

Google also announced a new set of reports also offered in beta called Mobile App Analytics. In a statement, Google said the reports will measure analytics from the moment the app is downloaded throughout the entire lifecycle of the app. Users will be able to check up on how many downloads and new users the app has received, on engagement metrics such as retention, crashes, conversions, and it will show outcome metrics such as app sales and in-app purchases.

According to Google, the beta program will open up to “whitelisted users in waves,” so if you’re interested click here. The company also said they expect the reports to “be available to all Google Analytics users by the end of the summer.”

Both announcements come just weeks after Google announced plans to morph Google Product Search into Google Shopping.