Harry and David, Summer 1998

Who knew you could do this with fruit?” asks one judge in regard to the Harry and David Summer 1998 catalog, which tied with Harry and David’s Christmas 1998 catalog for the Silver Award. Another chimes in: “Harry and another beautiful food cover stunningly and refreshingly.” But a third panelist disagrees about this book’s cover, noting that the merchandise shown – ripe melons, blueberries, and peaches – is not really reflective of the product that’s sold inside. And the promise of the cover – “Outdoor entertaining made easy” – is not fulfilled. “This is just a pretty picture,” the judge says.

But inside the book, the product selection is first-rate, the panelist concur. “As always,” one notes, “Harry and David’s biggest strength is unique and appealing product selection.” From the traditional gourmet pears to gift baskets, this catalog is a cornucopia of delectable edibles.

As for design, here again the judges disagree. While one argues that the catalog’s layout is excellent and that the photography is “exquisite,” have very change of pace. And the printing lacks the ‘snap’ that these presentations deserve.”

Harry and David’s copy gets high marks all around, though. “It rises to the challenge of differentiating page after page and item after item of similar product,” a panelist says. For instance, there are eight Tower of Treats food gifts in eight pages, each of which gets a distinctive copy treatment. The Grand Summertime Tower, for instance, is labeled “Nine boxes tall: Enjoyment on the Grand Scale.” Copy goes on to describe the cookies, apples, and candies, using the word “crisp,” “sweet,” “juicy.” On the opposite page, the Savory Tower of four food gift boxes entices the reader simply. “The world’s sweetest pears, teamed with three savory accompaniment. Delightful!” Whoever said that food can be tough to described? Certainly not Harry and David!

Service is outstanding as well, the panelists say. “I love ‘the strongest guarantee in the business.'” one judge enthuses. Another compliments how Harry and David clearly what could have been complicated delivery options.

Great food products, great copy, great results, great Silver-winning effort.

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