heavenly treasures

this site boasts some nice features, but there is definitely room for improvement. On the home page, you’ll find a search engine where you can look for items by catalog number (a great effort to align both channels) or by keyword, and a New Visitors registration. Nice business drivers, but the look of the site is boring. The generic type fonts, the overabundance of white space, and the bland column of links on the left make this site look as if it had been pasted into a template. Worse, the photos throughout are small and hazy, and the cloud logo and the spinning diamond that adorn the top of each page are gimmicky and unsophisticated – totally inappropriate for a company whose wares cost from $35 to more than $4,000.

The product categories listed on the left are broken down into subcategories. The product offerings are dense. The gold bracelet subcategory alone boasts 103 choices. To help overwhelmed shoppers, Heavenly Treasures provides a “sort” button at the top of the product subcategory pages. You can sort by price or alphabetically, within groups of 20 or 50 items, and you can opt to view the images or text only.

Other good things include lists of shipping charges, how to contact the company, and the states in which the sales tax applies, and the extensive privacy policy – all on the home page. Heavenly Treasures apparently understands the importance of instilling consumer confidence. I just wish it would tackle the graphics and organization in the same manner.