As this is the first issue of the new year, we decided to honor those companies featured in I.Merchant articles last year that did not survive long enough to usher in 2001:

BizBuyer.com, b-to-b reverse-auction marketplace (“Ask the Experts,” June issue) As of Dec. 31, a note on home page read: “The BizBuyer Web Site is unavailable until further notice. Please check back in the future for updates.”

Foofoo.com, luxury goods online merchant (“Beyond Hits,” June issue).

Garden.com, gardening supplies marketer (“Mix and Match,” October issue).

HardwareStreet.com, online-only computer site (“Beyond Hits,” June issue) Acquired by InsiderStreet.com; as of Dec. 31, the home page read: “The HardwareStreet.com web site is temporarily down until further notice.”

Miadora.com, online-only jewelry merchant (“The Luxury of Selling Online,” April issue).

Performance Snowboarding, snowboarding gear marketer (“Off the Shelf and Onto the Web,” February issue) Acquired by Jester.com.

Pets.com, online-only pets supplies marketer (“Vying to Be Top Dog,” February issue) URL is now owned by PetSmart.

Petstore.com, online-only pets supplies marketer (“Vying to Be Top Dog,” February issue).

Toysmart.com, online-only toy store (“I.Bits,” April issue).

Toytime.com, online-only toy store (“I.Bits,” April issue).

Value America, online-only general merchant (“I.Merchant 40,” August issue).