Announces Launch of

Mar 30, 2014 9:21 PM  By recently launched their newest general flooring website, The new site offers virtually every flooring type imaginable including wood, laminate, vinyl, carpet tiles, and many other specialty flooring options.

“ has been in the works for roughly two years now,” states COO Kurt Leitinger. “When IncStores began operating about 7 years ago, our plan was to stick to niche flooring products so that we could compete as a startup company.” started by selling rubber gym flooring on, for example. Then it started selling garage flooring and foam flooring products on a couple other sites and had enormous success.

“As time went on, we knew that we would have to begin offering mainstream flooring products to maintain our growth,” Leitinger said. “ is going to be our vehicle to do that.”

The traditional method for flooring to go to market is for manufacturers to sell to distributors who then sell to retailers who then sell to end consumers. aims to eliminate the need for so many middlemen by allowing manufacturers to sell private label and branded products direct to end users. is designed to be a flooring superstore with the goal of offering every type of flooring product imaginable at the lowest price and delivered in the shortest amount of time. The store already carries every single product the family of websites offers. It also offers a limited selection of engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring. The IncStores team is working to expand each of those product lines while also adding additional products lines in the near future including bamboo and ceramic tile flooring.

“This is going to be a big challenge for us,” states IncStores Vice President of Operations Justin Hoverson. “At the same time, if we do it well, it could be an opportunity for us to continue to grow our company to enormous levels. By going after the wood, laminate, vinyl, and ceramic tile marketplace, we realize we will now be competing with big box retailers as well as the largest online flooring retailers.”