Jackson & Perkins Staffing Up New Contact Center

Here’s a sign of life in a grim economy: Horticultural gifts cataloger Jackson & Perkins Co. is looking to hire more than 100 workers for its new 24-hour contact center in Greenwood, SC.

The available positions are in its inbound call center, which is taking orders for the company’s Jackson & Perkins Holiday Gift Catalog. Holiday shopping—in October?

Yes, the company says customers are already placing orders for holiday delivery. In fact, business has increased faster than planned, so it needs the phones manned with trained customer service reps immediately.

Why not hire people back from the previous season? Because this is the first year Jackson & Perkins customer service has been located in Greenwood.

The cataloger–founded in 1872 and famous for its roses–was sold in April 2007 and later moved from Medford, OR, to Greenwood. Former owner Harry & David Holdings sold most of the assets of the $73.8 million Jackson & Perkins for roughly $21 million to an investment group.