Kid Territory

Apr 01, 1999 10:30 PM  By

What do you get when you combine a mother in marketing, a father in cataloging, and a need for children’s bedroom furniture? Kid Territory, a catalog of upscale furnishings for children’s bedrooms conceived by Dawn Jones and husband Craig Currie, who worked 11 years at doll cataloger Pleasant Co.

The initial mailing, in August, went to 150,000 rented names. Middleton, WI-based Kid Territory designs 80%-90% of its merchandise, Jones says. “We look at children’s activities and interests, and then we create products to accommodate them.” Products include an over-the-door display board for artwork, and reading cushions that support children’s backs. “Our audience is parents interested in providing creative spaces for their children,” says Jones. Plans include introducing more theme-bedroom furnishings and more products for displaying art.