L-Com Launched Hyperlink Technologies Catalog

May 30, 2008 6:48 PM  By

A year after business-to-business merchant L-Com Connectivity Products bought Hyperlink Technologies, it’s launched a catalog for the wireless connectivity equipment seller.

The 32-page saddle-stitched Hyperlink Technologies book dropped on May 15, said L-Com director of marketing Mark Ann Kleinfelter,speaking at the Annual Conference for Catalogers and Multichannel Merchants in Orlando, FL, last week. The new title was comailed with L-Com’s 64-page second product supplement of 2008.

“It really is a monument to comailing,” Kleinfelter said about the new title. “We saved enough by comailing to pay for the design of this catalog from scratch.”

Kleinfelter said the reason for a Hyperlink Technologies catalog was simple: Its salespeople walking into sales meetings and exhibiting at tradeshows had nothing that to put into customers’ hands for future reference.

“We put it together in two months, and it’s fairly technical,” Kleinfelter said. She added that the company is considering the new Hyperlink Technologies book a “supplement” based on its page count.

The Hyperlink Technologies book sells more than 800 items; it also includes tips and tutorials. Kleinfelter said L-Com will mail the supplement catalogs to prospects and customers who act like prospects, such as those targeted for reactivation.

Though L-Com would not release circulation figures for the new book, Kleinfelter said the company plans to mail a Hyperlink Technologies catalog with more pages, to more prospects, in the fall.