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NEW LISTS POLITICAL DONORS Conrad Direct now offers a list of Heritage Foundation donors. These 153,938 conservative political donors are predominantly affluent, well-educated men over age 50.

Cost: $135/M

Selects: state/SCF/zip, gender

Contact: Conrad Direct List Management, 201-567-3200

DRINKER The Bierhaus International list consists of 28,186 beer and wine connoisseurs. Buyers on the male-dominated list are around 35 years old with an average income of $50,000.

Cost: $90/M

Selects: state/SCF/zip

Contact: George-Mann Associates, 609-443-1330

HAMMING IT UP The buyers list of the HoneyBaked Ham food catalog consists of 84,885 customers with household incomes exceeding $75,000. The average order is $110.

Cost: $100/M

Selects: state/SCF/zip, gender

Contact: Mokrynski & Associates, 201-488-5656

RENOVATORS Of the 329,079 subscribers to This Old House magazine, more than 50,000 are over age 50, more than 71,000 have households with children, nearly 58,000 garden, and 70% are married.

Cost: $95/M

Selects: state/SCF/zip, gender, hotlines

Contact: Millard Group, 603-924-9262

CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS The Bronner’s Christmas Favorites catalog mailing list includes 23,000 buyers who have spent an average of $50 an order. The buyers are mostly mid- and upper-income women who are interested in holiday decor.

Cost: $120/M

Selects: state/SCF, zip, gender

Contact: Names and Addresses, 847-465-1500

CIVIL SERVICE WORKERS The 165,846 names on Fred Woolf’s database of civil service workers at their home addresses include air traffic controllers, corrections/probation officers, court reporters, firefighters, judges, mail carriers, postmasters, police officers, state troopers, and social workers.

Cost: $70/M

Selects: state, SCF, zip, county

Contact: Fred Woolf List Co., 914-694-4466

ENGINEERS The list of 25,000 qualified subscribers to Multimedia Systems Design magazine includes engineers who develop the underlying hardware and software for audio, video, and/or graphics applications for computers and other electronic equipment.

Cost: $185/M

Selects: state, SCF, zip, job function

Contact: Rubin Response Management Services, 847-619-9800

SAILORS The 14,000 names on the North Sails sportswear catalog list spend an average of $75 an order. Buyers have a median age of 42 and an average income of $75,000, and they spend an average of 42 days sailing each year.

Cost: $95/M

Selects: state/SCF, gender

Contact: List Counsellors, 609-259-0600

LABEL LOVERS The 26,680 buyers of CoStar Corp.’s desktop label-printing software and supplies are mainly small-office and home-office users of Windows and Macintosh computer systems.

Cost: $110/M

Selects: state/SCF/zip

Contact: Worldata, 561-393-8200

DESKTOP DESIGNERS The Publisher’s Toolbox catalog now offers its list of 47,015 buyers. These customers, who spend an average of $350 on each purchase of desktop publishing software and related equipment, include self-employed designers, and small-business owners and managers.

Cost: $120/M

Selects: state/SCF/zip, gender, business/home address

Contact: American List Counsel, 800-ALC-LIST

WOMEN ONLY A list of female buyers who have purchased from the Cats, Cats, & More Cats catalog is now available. The 79,331 individuals have purchased items for or featuring cats.

Cost: $85/M

Selects: recency, gender, multibuyers, dollar amount, geography

Contact: Statlistics, 203-778-8700

WHIZ KIDS The list of 315,190 families who have purchased PC-related products via direct mail with their credit cards is now available. The families are mostly highly educated and upwardly mobile.

Cost: $80/M

Selects: children’s age, children’s gender, phone, income, parent’s gender

Contact: 21st Century Marketing, 516-293-8550

MEDICAL DECISIONMAKERS A list of 218,000 physicians and decisionmakers at group medical practices contains more than 36,000 group practices and surgicenters, and includes job functions such as nurse practicioner, physician assistant, and medical director

Cost: $90/M

Selects: name, title, phone, fax, function, gender, ethnicity, specialty, number of physicians in group, state /SCF

Contact: SK&A Information Services, 800-752-547


World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has awarded management of its 606,451-name 12-month members/donors file to Media Marketplace. These well-educated donors spend $22 on average to protect endangered species and conserve the environment.

Cost: $85/M

Selects: state/SCF/zip, gender, multidonors, members only, premium recipients, six-month hotline, three-month hotline

Contact: Media Marketplace, 215-968-5020

FAMILIES THAT SURF TOGETHER 21st Century Marketing now manages the Online Families catalog list. The 651,300 individuals on the list are educated and affluent Internet subscribers who purchase software and other computer-related products.

Cost: $85/M

Selects: gender, children’s age, operating system, online service provider

Contact: 21st Century Marketing, 516-293-8550

FASHIONABLE BRITS HLB now offers the French Connection Buy Mail list. The 25,000 buyers from this U.K. apparel catalog are fashion-conscious men and wom-en 18-35 years old whose names have been recruited via direct mail and page advertising.

Cost: $160/M

Selects: gender, recency, product code, order value, geography

Contact: HLB List Broking, 973-744-8118

POTPOURRI Mokrynski now manages the Potpourri Catalog list. The 223,700 buyers, 90% of whom are female, spend an average of $62 an order on clothing, gifts, children’s toys, and home goods.

Cost: $95/M

Selects: state/SCF/zip, credit card, gender

Contact: Mokrynski & Associates, 201-488-5656

RESORT MANAGERS New to Names and Addresses is the Resort Management & Operations qualified subscribers list. The 15,855 individuals on the list include resort owners, officers, and department, corporate, and general managers.

Cost: $125/M

Selects: state/SCF, zip, business type, job title, recency, phone, fax

Contact: Names and Addresses, 847-465-6428

SISTERS The Lake Group now manages Sister 2 Sister magazine’s active subscriber file of 47,000 names. Subscribers, 93% of whom are female and 92% of whom are African-American, have an average age of 29 and a median household income of $37,000.

Cost: $85/M

Selects: state/SCF/zip, geography

Contact: The Lake Group, 914-925-2400

NEW SELECTS CANADIAN CONSUMERS The Canadians-at-Home list is now offering a change-of-address select. The 10.7 million names on the Canadian consumer file were culled from various sources.

Cost: $60/M

Other selects: age, income, presence of children, type of dwelling unit, annual household income, telephone

Contact: 21st Century Marketing, 516-293-8550

INTERNET RESPONDERS Auto parts catalog J.C. Whitney is offering a new select of Internet responders. The list contains 259,063 catalog buyers and requesters who used the Web either to buy merchandise or to request a catalog.

Cost: $90/M

Other selects: recency, hotline, state/SCF

Contact: McCarthy Media Group, 312-431-1080