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New lists

An online marketer of off-price apparel, home electronics, decor, and other products, has the postal addresses of nearly 160,000 of its three-month Web buyers. Customers, 70% of whom are women, have an average age of 48 and an average household income of $89,000. They spend an average of $174 an order.

Cost: $130/M

Selects: gender, dollar amount, cumulative purchase, last purchase, multibuyers, product, three-month buyers

Contact: Millard Group, 603-924-9262 ext. 2337 or visit

U.S. Executives from FutureNet

E-business consultancy FutureNet has more than 20,000 executives on its database. These professionals include CEOs and other C-level executives.

Cost: $70/M

Selects: state, SCF, zip, gender, job level, job function, sales volume, business type, number of employees, number of workstations, ownership type, facility square footage, telephone, e-mail address

Contact: Aggressive List Management, 847-304-4030 ext. 208 or visit

Aircraft Owners/Pilots

More than 1 million licensed pilots and more than 355,000 registered aircraft owners are on this file, which has been compiled from multiple sources. Amateur and commercial pilots are included, as are owners of aircraft ranging from multiengine planes to blimps.

Cost: $75/M

Selects: gender, aircraft type, engine type, ownership type, license type, certification type, age, income, lifestyle/demographics

Contact: List Services Corp., 203-791-4491 or visit

Lippincott’s Nationwide Nurses Registry

More than 3 million registered nurses are available on this registry from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a publisher of medical, nursing, and allied-health books, journals, newsletters, and electronic media.

Cost: $75/M

Selects: state, SCF, zip, gender, age, area of practice, certification, work setting

Contact: Rubin Response Management Services, 847-619-9800

Tom’s Hardware Guide

A Website featuring independent reviews of computer hardware, Tom’s Hardware Guide has opt-in e-mail addresses for more than 160,000 IT pros and enthusiasts.

Cost: $350/M

Contact: MeritDirect, 914-368-1000 or visit

New management

Purity Products

A direct marketer of nutritional supplements, Purity Products has more than 274,000 12-month buyers. Customers, 50% of whom are male, have an average age of 55 and an average income of $55,000; they spend an average of $100 an order.

Cost: $85/M; food mailers, $65/M

Selects: state, SCF, zip, gender, dollar amount, average purchase, multibuyers, source, credit card, age, income, ethnicity, presence of children, age of children, lifestyle, Canadian buyers, six-month buyers, three-month buyers, one-month buyers

Contact: MokrynskiDirect, 201-487-8181 ext. 660 or visit

Crosswords Club

A continuity club for puzzle fans, Dell Magazine’s Crosswords Club has more than 23,000 active subscribers and 13,000 gift-givers on its file. Each month subscribers receive six crossword puzzles along with solutions and commentary. Subscribers, 65% of whom are women, have an average age of 50; 90% are college educated, and 64% are married.

Cost: $90/M

Selects: state, SCF, zip, gender, three-month hotline, one-month hotline

Contact: Mal Dunn Associates, 845-278-1200 ext. 342 or visit

Occupational Therapists in the U.S.A.

Nearly 96,000 occupational therapists are represented on this file, which was compiled via direct mail and telemarketing.

Cost: $125/M

Selects: geography, SCF, gender

Contact: Bethesda List Center, 301-986-1455 or visit

Insert media

Colorful Images Labels Packages

Consumer cataloger Colorful Images ships roughly 590,000 packages of personalized self-adhesive labels each year. Customers, 77% of whom are women, are primarily 30-54 years old with a household income of $30,000-$50,000. They spend an average of $35 an order.

Cost: $60/M

Contact: Leon Henry, 914-285-3456 or visit

Ballard Designs Blow-Ins

Home decor cataloger Ballard Designs is accepting blow-ins for the 23 million books it mails a year. The catalog mails monthly; customers, 80% of whom are women, have an average age of 40 and an average household income of $125,000. They spend an average of $200 an order.

Cost: $35/M

Contact: Singer Direct, 914-472-8819 or visit

Valores de Correo Inserts

Launching in March, the Valores de Correo (Values by Mail) insert program will mail to 500,000 Hispanic direct mail buyers from the Compramos database. These buyers are primarily women, with a household income or more than $40,000.

Cost: $45/M

Contact: MKTG Services, 215-968-5020 ext. 149 or visit