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LET’S MOTOR The 110,975 active subscribers to MotorHome magazine spend an average of ñ81,100 on their RVs. Subscribers are health-conscious, educated individuals with an average age of 62, and 52% own a computer. Cost: ñ85/M Selects: state/SCF, gender, source, zip Contact: AZ Marketing Services, 203-629-8088

WILDLIFE SEEKERS The 16,656 subscribers to Florida Wildlife magazine like to read about fishing, hunting, general outdoor recreation, as well as environmental conservation. Cost: ñ80/M Selects: SCF, zip, age Contact: Polk, 203-358-9909

COMPUTER RESELLERS Worldata’s list of 5,606 resellers of computer hardware and software products includes individuals serving as chairmen, presidents, CEOs, vice presidents and directors. Cost: ñ125/M Selects: state/SCF/zip Contact: Worldata, 561-393-8200

RETIREES The list of 196,407 active subscribers to Where to Retire magazine consists primarily of men age 55 and older. Cost: ñ95/M Selects: state/SCF/zip, gender Contact: The Specialists, 201-865-5800

DOLL COLLECTORS The 31,711 buyers of The Artists’ Doll Gallery porcelain dolls is mostly comprised of women. Buyers have purchased the dolls through space ads and direct mail. Cost: ñ100/M Selects: state/SCF/zip, gender Contact: Gnames Advantage, 972-871-2828

LEARNIN’ FOLK The 91,819 names on a list from adult education organization The Learning Annex have spent ñ45-ñ200 to attend seminars and workshops such as “How to Write a Novel or Screenplay” and “Start a Home-based Business.” Cost: ñ80/M Selects: state/SCF/zip Contact: 21st Century Marketing, 516-293-8550

FLOWER POWER Acxiom Direct Media offers a list of 133,095 floral arrangement and plant buyers. These gift-givers, 60% of whom are female, have spent an average of ñ40 on flowers bought through direct mail, space ads and online services. Cost: ñ85/M Selects: state/SCF, zip, gender, occasion, buyer type, dollar amount Contact: Acxiom Direct Media, 203-532-1000

SECURITY SEEKERS The 115,749 names on Dunhill International’s list of security product buyers have purchased home alarms and accessories, police and pepper sprays, stun guns, child monitoring devices, and car anti-theft devices. Cost: ñ85/M Selects: state, SCF, zip, gender, phone Contact: Dunhill International List Co., 561-347-0200

BRITISH TOURISTS The 31,883 active members of the WEXAS International Travel Club receive the company’s magazine, Traveller. Most of the members live in the U.K., and serve as senior managers and company directors. These individuals also have high disposable incomes. Cost: ñ250/M Selects: occupation, age, gender, payment method, geography, recency Contact: Alpha Marketing & Consulting, 203-359-2420

VW BEETLE AND BMW DRIVERS The 44,751 buyers of Rocky Mountain Motorwork’s catalogs purchase parts and accessories for Volkswagen Beetles and BMWs. The list is comprised of mostly men with an average age of 40. Cost: ñ90/M Selects: dollar amount, state, SCF, zip, zip + 4 Contact: List Locators & Managers, 800-487-8720

ASIAN BUYERS List Services Corp. offers 167,000 names of leading consumers in Asia. The list includes international travellers, investors, luxury car owners, millionaires, property owners, and premium credit card holders. Cost: ñ285/M Selects: gender, country Contact: List Services Corp., 203-743-2600

THE OUTDOOR TYPE Midwest Direct Marketing offers 2.8 million names of individuals interested in outdoor activities. The list consists primarily of homeowners with an average income of ñ40,000, who have purchased products through mail order for hunting, fishing, camping, biking, running, boating, cooking, horses, pets, and crafts. Cost: ñ65/M Selects: presence of children, age, home value, income, length of residence, home renters, single family dwellings, contributors, mail order buyers Contact: Midwest Direct Marketing, 913-686-2220

GADGET BUYERS The 127,000 TOPIX catalog buyers are mostly married, home-owning men, average age of 44, average income exceeding ñ50,000, who spend an average of ñ127 per order on electronic items, houseware, garden equipment, and recreational products. Cost: ñ110/M Selects: state/SCF, gender, dollar amount, multibuyers Contact: Names and Addresses, 847-465-1500

ATV OWNERS Fred Woolf List Co. offers a list of 514,207 all-terrain vehicle (ATV) owners. These ATV owners use their small four-wheel drive vehicles for off-road recreation, as well as for work on farms, ranches, and for transport in rural areas. Cost: ñ70/M Selects: mail order buyers, age, income, credit card holders, dwelling type, gender, marital status, job Contact: Fred Woolf List Co., 914-694-4466

COIN COLLECTORS GM Direct offers a list of 26,519 coin buyers. The list is comprised of men who have purchased gold coins, morgan silver dollars, and peace dollars. Cost: ñ125/M Selects: SCF, state, gender, zip Contact: GM Direct, 516-421-1512

DEALERS AND TRADERS American List Counsel offers a list of 41,318 executives, dealers, brokers, and traders at securities firms. The list consists mainly of men. Cost: ñ60/M Selects: SCF, zip, state, gender, title address, location, function Contact: American List Counsel, 908-874-4300

Y2K PROBLEM-SOLVERS The 53,021 IT executive participants in the Millennium Y2K Project, a national program designed to develop and disseminate sources and computer programs to its participants who are key corporate information technology professionals, are employed in companies of 30 or more employees. Cost: ñ105/M Selects: state, SCF, zip, job title, gender, phone, fax Contact: Name Finders, 800-221-5009

MYRTLE BEACH TOURISTS The 177,930 inquirers on this list are mostly women who have called the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce for information about vacationing in Myrtle Beach, SC. Cost: ñ75/M Selects: state, SCF, zip, length of stay Contact: Aggressive List Management, 847-304-4030

DRIVERS WHO READ The 586,938 names of subscribers to Automobile magazine are mostly affluent men interested in automotive performance. Cost: ñ90/M Selects: age, income, state/SCF/zip, gender, lifestyle Contact: Novus Marketing, 914-347-8400

BEDDING BUYERS The 548,934 Company Store catalog buyers have spent an average of ñ155 on bedding, home accessories, and gifts. The lists consists mainly of women ages 35-54 with an average income of ñ73,000, 70% are married, 31% have children, and 80% are homeowners. Cost: ñ112/M Selects: state/SCF/zip, gender Contact: The Specialists, 201-865-5800

VORTEX READERS The 7,891 subscribers to Vortex, a monthly newsletter reporting on political, economic, and cultural trends first discussed on the Internet, are activists and conservatives interested in political scandals and the Y2K computer bug. Cost: ñ150/M Selects: state, SCF, zip Contact: Conrad Direct, 201-567-3200

GAMERS AND TECHIES New to Worldata’s management is a list of 1.2 million subscribers to Imagine Media’s gaming and business technology magazines, such as Business 2.0, MacAddict, PC Gamer, and Maximum PC. Cost: ñ125/M Selects: state/SCF/zip, gender Contact: Worldata, 561-393-8200

ANIMATION WATCHERS All Media now manages Nest Entertainment’s list of 224,577 animated video buyers. The buyers, 68% of which are women, spend an average of ñ100 per order on videos for children up to age 13. Cost: ñ85/M Selects: gender, address Contact: All Media, 972-818-4060

SEMINAR ATTENDEES Rubin Response Management Services now manages the list of 15,414 members and seminar attendees of USENIX Association of UNIX Computing Professionals. The list is 76% male. Cost: ñ195/M Selects: SCF, state, zip Contact: Rubin Response Management Services, 847-619-9800

RENOVATORS All Media now manages the list of 648,760 Renovator’s Supply catalog buyers. The list is primarily female, with an average age of 35-54 and an average household income of ñ75,800. Nearly 75% of these buyers are college-educated. Cost: ñ90/M Selects: dollar amount, multibuyers, products, gender, SCF/state, zip Contact: All Media, 972818-4060

GOLFERS List Services Corp. now manages the list 340,000 members American Golf Players Association list. These golf enthusiasts (85% male) spend an average of ñ49.95 for membership. Cost: ñ90/M Selects: gender, state/SCF Contact: List Services Corp., 203-743-2600

FOOTBALL FANS Aggressive List Management now manages the Pro Football Weekly magazine list; 71% of the 25,442 mostly male subscribers have attended a football game in the past year. Cost: ñ85/M Selects: state, SCF, zip Contact: Aggressive List Management, 847-304-4030

INVESTORS MSI List Marketing has been appointed manager of the 43,580 trial subscribers to Louis Navellier’s MPT Review, an investment newsletter. Cost: ñ110/M Selects: state/SCF/zip Contact: MSI List Marketing, 312-642-1620

SUCCESS SUBSCRIBERS Novus Marketing now manages the list of 174,446 subscribers to Success magazine. Subscribers have an average age of 38 and an average household income of ñ54,039; 62% hold professional/managerial positions. Cost: ñ110/M Selects: SCF/zip, gender/state Contact: Novus Marketing, 914-347-8400

MORE GOLFERS The PGA Tour Partners Club list of 284,186 membership subscribers now offers a change of address select. Subscribers spend ñ24 annually for the club’s magazine as well as membership privileges. Cost: ñ95 Other Selects: state/SCF, zip, gender Contact: Names and Addresses, 847-465-1500

CORVETTE LOVERS Automobile parts and accessories cataloger Mid America Designs now offers an insert with its Corvette catalog. The catalog reaches affluent male homeowners ages 25-54. Cost: ñ50/M Contact: Names and Addresses, 847-465-1500