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There are 15,000 names of mail order buyers in the Clarisse LeFleur astrology file. These buyers have paid $20 to receive the answers to a celestial wellness questionnaire, which is supposed to help consumers find luck, happiness, money, health, and love in their future.
Cost: $85/M
Selects: state, SCF, zip, gender
Contact: Walter Karl, 845-620-0700


The more than 46,000 names of 12-month active U.S. subscribers to Aquarium Fish are available for rental. The magazine serves hobbyists involved in keeping freshwater fish, pond fish, marine fish and invertebrates. It targets consumers who enjoy and maintain aquariums and garden ponds. Readers, 68% of whom are male, spend $24.97 for a one-year subscription, have an average age of 25-44, and 79% own a home or condominium.
Cost: $90/M
Selects: state, SCF, gender, recency
Contact: MacFan Lists, 949-855-8822


This compiled list offers the names of more than 700,000 key executives from companies around the world (each with 10-250 employees) at their triple verified opt-in business e-mail addresses. Ninety percent of the executives on this business-to-business list are male; names have been verified in the past six months.
Cost: $250/M
Selects: state, SCF, zip, SIC/industry, telephones
Contact: List Services Corp., 203-743-2600


The more than 85,000 international TechRepublic and TechProguild member names on this list have requested one or more of the print newsletters (63% at their business address) offered by TechRepublic.
Cost: $250/M
Selects: country, print newsletter, address, job function, purchasing authority
Contact: Direct Media, 203-532-1000


The more than 60,000 12-month Wind & Weather catalog buyers on this list are affluent homeowners with interests in garden decorations and weather watching. Catalog products include weather instruments, sundials, garden ornaments, and wind chimes. The average order is $116. These buyers, 61% of whom are female, have an average age between 50 and 55, and an average income of $90,000-$95,000.
Cost: $100/M
Selects: state, SCF, zip, gender, dollar amount
Contact: Names and Addresses, 847-465-1521


There are 12,915 names of people from the U.K. in this file who have completed and returned order forms to activate their entry in a $15,000 (U.S.) sweepstakes. These buyers have paid about $16 to receive special consumer redemption certificates that total more than $3,000 in discounts for car rentals, jewelry, and grocery purchases.
Cost: $175/M
Selects: hotline
Contact: J.R. Direct Response
International, 604-940-0277


This new database has the names of more than 62,000 executives, including 44,359 males, at more than 44,000 import and export firms.
Cost: $75/M (one-time use)
$150/M (one-year unlimited use)
Selects: state, SCF, zip, gender, commodity, job, telephone, fax
Contact: Dunhill International List Co.,


There are 52,065 medical students in the American Medical Association files, which are constantly updated. The names are selectable by graduation year, school attended, gender, and age.
Cost: $40/M
Selects: state, SCF, county
Contact: Fred Woolf List, Co., 914-694-4466


The Lyons Commercial Data registry of more than 60,000 bank finance companies is now available for rental. The Lyons development team has created software solutions for thousands of financial institutions and the Lyons Bank Registry for Windows, a directory that includes U.S. banks, credit unions and holding companies. Eighty-five percent of the contact names in this registry are male.
Cost: $95/M
Selects: state, SCF, zip, contact name, company name, phone, faxes
Contact: Statlistics, 203-778-8700

GREATERGOOD.COM, the Internet’s leading “shop-a-cause” charity e-commerce portal, has 428,847 consumer opt-in e-mail addresses available for rental. These Internet shoppers have registered to shop at more than 125 online merchants and donate up to 15% of every purchase made through to their selected charity. The site’s revenue comes from the shopping links that advertise with it. Everything these shoppers do online — shop, click, and search — generates revenue for a charity they select. Seventy-three percent of these consumers are female.
Cost: $100/M
Contact: American List Counsel,


This list of psychology professionals contains 78,923 records, including names, telephone numbers and fax numbers of psychologists, psychoanalysts and psychotherapists working in hospitals, clinics, counseling services, nonprofit organizations, and independent practice. This list covers the spectrum of the psychological field, including general, experimental, clinical and consulting. Telephone numbers are available for 71,743 records.
Cost: $65/M (one-time use)
$130/M (one-year unlimited use)
Selects: state, SCF, zip, gender, address, telephone, affiliation
Contact: Dunhill International List Co., 561-347-0200


There are 342,563 names on the opt-in e-mail list of consumer music Website visitors. Peel.Com and the Peel Music Network feature more than 250 music sites available on the Web. Fans visiting this portal can access Websites featuring recording artists, listen to Peel radio, shop online, and establish their own e-mail address and e-mail service. These Internet users, primarily between the ages of 14 and 30, are interested in fashion, entertainment and music.
Cost: $225/M
Selects: age, gender, interest
Contact: Rubin Response Management Services, 847-619-9800


There are more than 39,000 names on this list of active paid subscribers to Reason, a monthly magazine covering issues, politics, and ideas from a libertarian perspective, with a “fiscally conservative yet socially liberal point of view.” Its subscribers, 89% of whom are male, tend to be politically active, upscale baby boomers who invest and donate money; 43% gave to political issues.
Cost: $110/M
Selects: state, SCF, zip, gender
Contact: Conrad Direct, 201-567-3200


There are more than 150,000 active U.S. subscribers to Barron’s, the national business and financial weekly published by Dow Jones. Subscribers read Barron’s for national and global financial markets news and stock tables that help them make investment decisions. These subscribers, 75% of whom are male, have an average age of 54, an average income of $203,000 and an average household net worth of $1.23 million.
Cost: $165/M
Selects: state, SCF, zip, gender, home address, business address
Contact: The Lake Group, 914-925-2400


This list contains more than 500,000 conservative donors to statewide and legislative Republican campaigns across the U.S. who contributed to the most recent elections. These contributors, 69% of whom are males in the business, financial, and professional fields with high discretionary income, donated more than $150 on average.
Cost: $75/M
Selects; state, SCF, zip, gender
Contact: Chester Mailing List Consultants, 703-934-2700


The more than 140,000 names of social workers in the National Association of Social Workers file are selectable by type of practice, setting, and function. These are professionals who deal with all types of social problems — poverty, drugs, AIDS, and family problems. Virtually all are college graduates.
Cost: $150/M
Selects: state, SCF, zip, gender
Contact: Fred Woolf List Co., 914-694-4466


The names of more than 54,000 24-month catalog buyers are available from Scholar’s Bookshelf, a mail order bookseller specializing in fine art and history books, university press, and scholarly imprints. This list is selectable by subject and is particularly strong in military history, general history and literature. Buyers, 75% of whom are male, spend an average of $68 per order.
Cost: $90/M
Selects: state, year, subject
Contact: Conrad Direct, 201-567-3200


The names of more than 250,000 upscale buyers of Laura Ashley women’s apparel, children’s clothing, and home products, are available for rental. Most buyers (93%) are women, with an average age of 34 and an average household income of $75,000.
Cost: $75/M
Selects: state, SCF, zip, gender, credit card, product
Contact: Walter Karl, 845-620-0700


There are 284,000 records in the Bingo.Com opt-in e-mail consumer addresses file. At the site, bingo and poker games are free to play but players must register with to receive prizes and to access certain premium features on the site. The file is 60% female.
Cost: $125/M
Selects: state, SCF, zip age, age of children, gender, presence of children
Contact: Dunhill International List Co., 561-347-0200


More than 2 million names of brand new businesses are available for rental in the New Biz Enterprises file. New Biz Enterprises is the premier SOHO list that reaches entrepreneurs at start-up companies, many of which are being launched out of the owners’ homes.
Cost: $80/M
Selects: state, SCF, zip, gender, phone number
Contact: 21st Century Marketing, 516-293-8550


The Everything Snow list has more than 400,000 names of 12-month buyers of ski equipment, fashions, proper clothing, and snowboarding equipment and clothing. These buyers, 225,886 of whom are male, are outdoor enthusiasts who are committed to their sport and are interested in knowing the latest information on ski gear, snow boarding gear, travel fashions and “hot spots.”
Cost: $85/M
Selects: state, SCF, zip, gender, age, household income, phone number
Contact: Statlistics, 203-778-8700


There are more than 5,000 names of six-month mail order buyers in the Charles Tyrwhitt Shirt Co. file. Charles Tyrwhitt offers men’s shirts and accessories to an affluent male audience. These buyers, 80% of whom are male, spend an average of $165 an order, are between the ages of 35-54, and have an average income of $56,000 plus.
Cost: $130/M
Selects: state, SCF, zip, gender, purchase amount, e-mail
Contact: Mokrynski & Associates, 201-488-5656



The 41,000 subscribers from the Pumps and Systems trade magazine file are now managed by The Information Refinery. The list includes engineers, corporate management and operations decision-makers in the manufacturing, processing, power generation and utility industries.
Cost: $165/M
Selects: job function, primary industry, gender, geography, telephone
Contact: The Information Refinery, 201-529-2600



The Sovietski Collection catalog of antiques, vintage artifacts, clocks, and collectibles from Russia, offers a package program that reaches 125,000 buyers. The buyers are typically between the ages of 40 and 64. They are homeowners who are business professionals with strong interests in history, reading and travel, and spend an average of $130 per order.
Cost: $65/M
Contact: Walter Karl, 845-620-0700


The Woodcraft catalog has a 12-month catalog blow-in package available that reaches more than 3 million buyers. Woodcraft sells hand and power tools, carving supplies, finishing materials, and books and plans, and offers tool sharpening and engraving service. Mostly male “do-it-yourselfers” age 35-50 with an average income of more than $30,000, these buyers enjoy gardening, photography, and reading; they spend an average of $75 per order.
Cost: $30/M
Contact: Names and Addresses, 847-465-1500


The American Stationery catalog has an insert blow-in program that reaches 5.3 million buyers of personalized stationery, correspondence paper, address labels and other products for personal use and gift-giving. Seventy-six percent of the names represent female buyers; 65% are ages 50 years plus; and 60% have incomes between $50,000 and $150,000.
Cost: $30/M
Contact: Leon Henry, 914-723-3176


Shopsmith catalog, which makes and markets the Mark V home shop tool (a lathe, table, saw, disc sander, horizontal boring and doweling machine and drill press), has an annual package insert program that reaches 108,000 buyers. All own the Mark V and are repeat buyers of woodworking accessories and tools. The average age is 46; average income is $47,000 plus. These buyers, 92% of whom are “male do-it-yourselfers” and 91% homeowners, are interested in gardening, photography, travel, books and magazines, and financial offers.
Cost: $55/M
Contact: Names and Addresses, 847-465-1500.