Live from Online, offline–does it matter?

(Direct Newline) New York–The lines between online and offline direct marketing are blurring: Some 64% of companies use cross-selling techniques by targeting online customers offline and vice versa, according to the DMA’s State of the E-Commerce Industry Report 2001-2002.

Marketers are using a combination of offline and online techniques to drive traffic to their Websites. The most frequently used methods to drive online traffic are direct mail (58%), e-mail marketing (56%), print ads (43%), and search engine optimization (41%).

When targeting customers using an online method, 77% of respondents said the Website was their vehicle of choice, followed by online promotions, such as banner ads (44%) and online affiliates (30%).

Other findings included:

*The channels that drove the most net sales were direct mail (27.8%), catalogs (27.3%), and Websites (24%).

For consumer marketers, catalogs contributed 43.6% of direct response net sales, followed by Websites (27.5%) and direct mail (23.8%).

Business-to-business marketers said that the most net sales came from telephone marketing (25.9%), Websites (24%), and direct mail (22.2%).

The report was conducted by the DMA with the Association for Interactive marketing (AIM) during the fourth quarter of 2001. Nearly 700 companies contributed to the report.