Magellan’s, Fall 1999

Sep 01, 2000 9:30 PM  By

With an A-to-Z offering of nearly every travel item under the sun, crisp graphic images and clever, concise copy, Magellan’s captures the imagination of even the most minimalist travelers. The travel products marketer is “a truly exceptional merchant,” said one judge. “The items aren’t all essentials, but when you see the catalog you say to yourself, `I need one of those.’”

Product selection is clearly the cataloger’s strongest point. From utilitarian luggage sets and an extensive selection of travel clothing to quirkier items, such as a foot massage pillow, a portable exercise kit, and a travel-size watercolor set, Magellan’s has it all. “The company fulfilled its mission. It sells everything the traveler needs,” noted one judge. Sharp, consistent product photography is well balanced with numerous action shots, and the ample white space makes this catalog a delight to pore over, the judges said.

Knowledge is power, and the vast selection of specialized electrical converters, complete with a detailed pull-out international converter chart, illustrations of typical converters, and a glossary of terms, has earned Magellan’s respect among travelers. “Magellan’s is an authority on converters,” said one judge, who noted that the cataloger’s interest in the utility and function of its travel merchandise is apparent throughout the book.

Clean, fun copy, such as “Developing an Eye for Travel,” describing photography products and visual aids, and “You found a toilet, but it’s only a hole in the floor, now what?” which describes a bathroom survival guidebook, establish a rapport with the reader. “The copy is very friendly throughout, so you get the idea the phone reps will be too,” said one judge. A highly readable typeface, bold headings, easy-to-find order information, simple icons (signifying extra shipping charges or made in the U.S.), and footnotes regarding such issues as carry-on restrictions go the extra mile in making sure the customer finds the perfect travel item to meet his or her needs.

Magellan’s carries its top-notch standards through to the last page. The guarantee, the Website address, and the 800-number are posted prominently throughout; the comprehensive index, printed on the back page, provides added convenience; and the order form, a pull-out in the middle of the book, is “informative and well played up,” according to one judge.