Magento Discontinuing Go and ProStores Platforms

Jul 02, 2014 1:11 PM  By

Magento announced that it will retire two of its products, Magento ProStores and Magento Go, on Feb. 1. After this date, all stores operating on either Go or ProStores will be shut down and no longer supported.

To help clients during this transition, Magento said it conducted extensive due diligence and selected Bigcommerce as its exclusive migration provider. If another Magento product is not a fit for clients’ stores, Magento recommends that clients migrate their store to Bigcommerce.

Bigcommerce has previously migrated more than 6,000 ProStores retailers onto its platform and has migrated an additional 6,000 stores from other platforms, giving it the industry’s deepest expertise in terms of in-house professional services and tools to help clients successfully relaunch their stores. In addition, Bigcommerce’s client-centric culture, tight integration with PayPal and ability for clients to sell on eBay make it a natural choice as a Magento transition provider.

Magento made the decision to discontinue these two products in order to better align resources and investments to its core business, the company said in a press release. Go and ProStores were both designed for small-size merchants.

Magento Go and ProStores have seen 10,000 business owners create and grow their online stores.

  • Nikato Muirhead

    I can’t say I could be any happier. Prostores technology and customer service was dreadful and Magento Go was too expensive. Shutting them down is a good idea. the only thing better would have been to sell them to Microsoft. They would have functioned as another great albatross around Microsoft’s neck as they fade into irrelevancy.

  • SureDone

    Take a look at SureDone, we’re a great alternative to ProStores users that need a multichannel platform to support eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Google Shopping – and need a fully customizable eCommerce storefront out of the box.

    We’ve also built an awesome tool specifically to make the transition from ProStores to SureDone quick and easy, so you can avoid a hit to your traffic or sales.