Miles Kimball Parent Launches Title

Oshkosh, WI-based manufacturer/wholesaler Colonial Candle ventured into new territory in October with a 16-page consumer catalog touting its scented candles and potpourri. The launch is a continuation of parent company Blyth’s foray into the catalog industry, which began with the company’s acquisition of gifts and housewares mailer Miles Kimball in April 2003, followed by its purchase of rival cataloger Walter Drake in January 2004.

Colonial Candle dropped 300,000 copies of the catalog the week of Oct. 11. A second drop is planned for early this month, with several more throughout 2005.

Miles Kimball president/CEO Mike Muoio says his division helped Colonial Candle with the launch by allowing it to use the cataloger’s IT infrastructure, customer service center, and business information tools. Miles Kimball also helped Colonial Candle find a cost-effective fulfillment center and create an outbound logistics contract. Michele Redmon, Colonial Candle’s vice president of marketing service, says the candle manufacturer bought a few lists from Miles Kimball but didn’t receive any “freebies.”

Although the 99-year-old Colonial Candle sells its products to gift stores and retail chain nationwide, Redmon insists that the company isn’t now competing with its wholesale customers. In fact, she says, retailers have requested catalogs to give to their customers.