Miles Kimball Co. Changes Name to Silver Star Brands

silver-starMiles Kimball Co. president Vicki Updike announced Oct. 8 the company is changing its name to Silver Star Brands in a move to describe more accurately the multichannel merchant and the brand portfolio it offers.

As it grows to a multi-brand, multichannel direct-to-consumer company, the Miles Kimball name no longer accurately represents the direction, attitude and depth of the organization, Updike said in a press release.

“We are a growth company with many exciting opportunities across the different disciplines, not restricted to only marketing and merchandising,” Updike said. “We hope to add employees as we continue to expand our family of brands.”

Silver Star Brands employs approximately 500 people year-round, and more than 1,000 during the peak season.

Updike said Silver Star Brands represents the evolution of the Miles Kimball Co. into a diversified brand management company offering a wide variety of products.

Silver Star Brands includes the brands As We Change, Easy Comforts, Walter Drake, Miles Kimball and Exposures. Updike said the Miles Kimball name will continue on as the flagship brand under the umbrella of Silver Star Brands.

The company’s primary target market is female aged 50 and up, with increasing demands for health, wellness and beauty products. Silver Star Brands mails more than 120 million catalogs a year, and also uses direct mail, radio, television and ecommerce to sales and marketing channels.

Rob Goergen, Chief Operating Officer of Silver Star Brands parent company Blyth said Silver Star Brands’ corporate headquarters will remain in Oshkosh, WI.

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