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Weekend Scientists The 35,027 American Science & Surplus catalog buyers are primarily men 25-45 years old who have children living at home. They’ve bought from American Science merchandise as varied as toys, air compressors, and test tubes. Cost: $85/M Selects: gender, marital status, homeowner status, age, average income, career Contact: Names and Addresses, 847-465-1500

Christian Readers Conrad Direct offers a list of 59,354 subscribers to World magazine, a weekly publication that reports the news from a Christian perspective. Cost: $100/M Selects: state/SCF/zip, gender Contact: Conrad Direct, 201-567-3200

International Business Managers Information Marketing Services has released a list of 6,979 senior executives in multinational corporations, international banks, insurance companies, multilateral lending agencies, law firms, and consulting firms who are directly involved in foreign direct investment and have purchased services or publications relating to international trade, business, or financial risk analysis. Cost: $200/M Selects: state, country Contact: Information Marketing Services, 703-821-8130

Pretty Faces List Dynamics offers a list of 221,219 New-Ms Cosmetics buyers. The buyers are females between the ages of 16 and 25 who spend an average of $43 per order. Cost: $75/M Selects: state/SCF, zip, gender, credit card Contact: List Dynamics, 516-473-5445

Professional and Technical Executives American List Counsel has compiled a list of 11.7 million professional and technical executives nationwide. Cost: $60/M Selects: home address, adult/age range, adult/age specific, child age, credit card usage, ethnicity, gender, household income, marital status, mail responsive, net worth Contact: American List Counsel, 908-874-4300

Onion Aficionados Zed Marketing Group now offers Dixondale Farms’ 18,000-name buyers file. The family-owned and -operated farm catalog sells 12 varieties of onions. Cost: $75/M Selects: state, zip, average order cost Contact: Zed Marketing Group, 405-348-8145

Managed Care Professionals The National Professional Education Institute (NPEI) offers a list of 13,254 healthcare professionals who have attended or expressed interest in attending national conferences sponsored by NPEI, or who have enrolled in the organization’s national managed care certification program. Cost: $110/M Selects: critical care nurses, nurse managers, managed care professionals Contact: PCS Mailing List Co., 978-532-9181

Genesis direct buyers/requesters The Genesis Corp. Database Masterfile offers 6 million 24-month buyers and requesters of its children’s, sports, and collectibles catalogs. Genesis Direct’s titles include gifts catalog Voyager’s Collection and collectibles catalog Lilliput. Cost: $110/M Selects: state/SCF/zip, recency, gender, product category, source of purchase, payment type, last purchase, multibuyer Contact: Millard Group, 603-924-9262

Fine Arts Supporters Fred Woolf List Co. is now offering a database of 83,283 ticket buyers to, contributors to, supporters of, and attendees of the Westchester Arts Network. The individuals on the list have above-average incomes and are primarily located in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut tristate area. Cost: $75/M Selects: state/SCF/zip Contact: Fred Woolf List Co., 914-694-4466

Downloaders PCDriver’s Headquarters E-mail List contains 35,000 e-mail addresses of people who have downloaded the company’s free Windows-compatible program called Driver Detective, which locates the current version and the manufacturer of hardware and software drivers. The individuals on the list are mostly men, 25-45 years old, who have “opted in” to receive targeted information. Cost: $200/M Selects: state, e-mail address Contact: Worldata, 561-393-8200

Entrepreneurs Mal Dunn Associates has made available Entrepreneur Media Enhanced, a masterfile that includes 769,470 subscribers to Entrepreneur, Business Start-Ups, and Entrepreneur’s HomeOffice. Cost: $105/M Selects: state/SCF/zip, source, gender, recency, multibuyer, income, occupation, adult age, presence/number of children, children’s age and gender, marital status, home ownership, mail order buyers, donors, credit card, lifestyle Contact: Mal Dunn Associates, 914-277-5558

New Management Sportsmen Estee List Services is now managing the U.S. Cavalry catalog buyers file. The 123,329 buyers spend an average of $75 per order on outdoor and hunting merchandise. Cost: $90/M Selects: state/SCF/zip, dollar, credit cards, product, multibuyers Contact: Estee List Services, 914-235-7080

Let’s Rock ‘n’ roll New to Mokrynski & Associates is Old Glory, a catalog of rock ‘n’ roll apparel and gifts. The 16,071 classic rock and alternative music lovers on this file spend an average of $60 per order and are avid fans of concerts, snowboarding, and skateboarding. Cost: $95/M Selects: age, income, gender Contact: Mokrynski & Associates, 201-488-5656

Knife Enthusiasts List Locators & Managers has been awarded management of the Atlantic Cutlery Corp.’s file of 17,202 buyers and inquirers. These individuals, who are knife collectors and outdoor sportsmen, have responded through direct mail as well as from space ads. Cost: $90/M Selects: state/SCF/zip Contact: List Locators & Managers, 800-487-8720

Domestic Types D-J Associates has been appointed the list manager for Betty Crocker Enterprises. The nearly 2 million buyers are 26-54 years old with a median family income of more than $42,000; they have purchased kitchen merchandise, including flatware, dinnerware, crystal stemware, cooking utensils, and cutlery, through direct mail. Cost: $65/M Selects: state/SCF/zip, gender Contact: D-J Associates, 203-431-8777

Hoops fans The Lake Group is now managing Slam magazine’s subscriber file for Petersen Publishing Co. The 20,007 subscribers, who are between the ages of 14 and 24, read about high school, college, and professional basketball players, teams, and statistics. Cost: $90/M Selects: geography, gender Contact: The Lake Group, 914-925-2400

Golfers Rubin Response Management Services is now managing Miller Freeman’s Golf Retailer magazine’s subscriber file. The 7,256 subscribers are retail and supply executives, store managers, merchandise managers, and sales staff of off-course golf shops. Cost: $115/M Selects: job title, business type, product influence, products carried, approximate sales volume, branch stores Contact: Rubin Response Management Services, 847-619-9800

Quilters Media Marketplace has been appointed exclusive list manager for Primedia Special Interest Publication’s newly acquired Quilter’s Newsletter. The 126,527 subscribers enjoy patterns, lessons, practical tips, and access to pattern and accessory purchases. Cost: $95/M Selects: state/SCF/zip, renewals, source Contact: Media Marketplace, 215-968-5020

Decision-maker Potpourri Chessie Lists now manages the subscriber file of Business Publishers, which produces nearly 50 newsletters for corporate executives, business entrepreneurs, government officials, healthcare professionals, social service specialists, and educational professionals. The 20,508 subscribers are top-level decision-makers who spend $135-$817 for annual subscriptions. Cost: $125/M Selects: state/SCF/zip, gender Contact: Chessie Lists, 301-680-3633

Games Galore Worldata is now managing the Video Game and PC Game files of Chips & Bits’ Online Game Superstore and catalog. These lists consist of owners of Windows-compatible computers or console game systems from Sony, Sega, or Nintendo. The 130,549 buyers on the PC Game file are mostly males who have invested substantial amounts of money in their computers in order to play sophisticated, multimedia games. The 87,160 Video Game buyers are mostly families with young children who have discretionary income to spend on products that will enhance their entertainment and educational activities. Cost: $115/M Selects: state/CF/zip Contact: Worldata, 561-393-8200

Training Product Buyers 21st Century Marketing now manages the MacAcademy/Windows-Academy lists. The 350,862 individuals attended training seminars and purchased training videos that enabled them to become proficient in the latest software programs and operating systems. Cost: $120/M Selects: state/SCF/zip Contact: 21st Century Marketing, 516-293-8550

New Selects Winers and Diners Scotts of Stow, a U.K. home and kitchen products catalog, is making its 790,000 buyers selectable by product purchased, including a new category of travel and leisure items. Buyers are predominantly affluent females over the age of 45 who have a range of investments and a high interest in fine wines and gourmet cooking. Cost: $176/M Other selects: recency, gender, geography, order value, multibuyers, newspaper readership Contact: HLB List Broking, 973-744-8118

Stylish Men and the women who dress them Men’s apparel retailer Structure is making its credit card buyers list selectable by gender (60% male, 40% female). The nearly 1.6 million buyers are between the ages of 25 and 35 and purchase contemporary male clothing with their Structure credit cards. Cost: $90/M Other selects: new-to-file, new purchase, gender, home address Contact: 21st Century Marketing, 516-293-8550

Riders Libertyville Saddle Shop’s 116,940 direct mail customers are now selectable by equine preference: western or English. Libertyville sells high-quality saddlery, riding apparel, and related supplies. Many of the buyers own their own horse. Cost: $95/M Other selects: state/SCF, zip, dollar amount Contact: Names and Addresses, 847-465-1500

Inserts, Etc. newspaper Readers The Independent Free Papers of America now allows inserts to ride along weekly home-delivered newspapers throughout the country. Inserts have the potential to reach 60 million readers a year, 72% of whom are homeowners, 64% of whom are married, and 52% of whom are age 50 and above. Cost:$25/M Contact: LH Management Division, 914-723-3176

Savvy Shoppers Inserts can now be included in packages reaching 3 million women annually who have purchased clothing and accessories from the Arizona Mail Order catalogs. These buyers have an average age of 65 and spend an average of $70 per purchase. Cost: $55/M Contact: LH Management Division, 914-723-3176