New Pig, January 2000 Pigalog

Sep 01, 2000 9:30 PM  By

New Pig, a purveyor of industrial spill and leak clean-up materials, shows through its motto, “In Relentless Pursuit of Clean,” that it means business. And its January 2000 catalog supports the motto through educational material, sharp action pictures, and above all, a sense of humor. “What can you say? These guys are GOOD!” said one judge. “They are fun, functional, informative, and educational.”

The powerful porcine imagery is prevalent throughout the New Pig catalog in pig caricatures, pig-related puns and nomenclature (such as the “Hoofmark” line of hand cleansers), the “I Dig Pig” customer testimonials, and even an “I Dig Pig” CD gift offer (featuring a compilation of ’60s tunes). “I dig pig too!” exclaimed one judge. “Pork rules. Here is a brand in a nonbrand environment – brilliant!”

Although the copy is humorous, it doesn’t neglect the business at hand. Headlines such as “Here’s your drains’ best defense against spills” and “Keep your drum tops clean and neat!” quickly point out the product benefits. And the catalog’s array of information-packed charts, bulleted key points, close-up shots, and sidebars such as “The Truth about Laundered Shop Towels: what you don’t know may hurt you” are both informative and persuasive.

“This is clean, clear, fun copy – that sells,” said a judge. “The humor and the safety and product information are uniformly excellent.” Other judges praised the catalog’s customer focus. “This is addressing the needs of its customers. It’s a great use of testimonials that tell readers how to use the products most effectively.”

Judges also praised the catalog for offering such a deep assortment of products in the absorbents, spill response, personal safety, floor safety, and storage and handling categories. These items run the gamut from spill pads to futuristic-looking protective suits to gloves that, the Pigalog claims, will make you “love how your hands will feel at the end of a long day.”

Customer service is also superior, with services including online ordering, tech support, government regulation assistance, purchase order billing, 48-hour shipping, and toll-free phone and fax numbers. “It couldn’t get any easier – even without a paper order form,” said a judge.

Ultimately, New Pig’s strong brand image and humorous treatment of a serious product make it a winner. Concluded one judge: “New Pig knows how to make an otherwise flat category fun.”