Newgistics to Offer Delivery and Return Services to Canada

Apr 18, 2012 1:53 AM  By

Returns-management system provider Newgistics announced Monday it now offers delivery and returns services to and from the United States and Canada for U.S.-based retailers, brands and ecommerce merchants.

Newgistics has partnered with Landmark Global for its brokerage services, logistics reach, and longtime partnership with Canada Post to ensure Canadian customers have a positive shipping experience when purchasing U.S. goods online or via catalog.

High international shipping costs and the complexity of shipping to a foreign country have historically presented barriers to U.S.-based retailers and ecommerce merchants looking to expand to Canada.

Newgistics’ new Canadian shipping service simplifies the process and eliminates these concerns, allowing merchants to tap into a new market for American goods and to provide a positive customer experience that drives repeat purchases and customer referrals.

Newgistics’ technology platform simplifies the complex logistics that have previously made shipping to Canada difficult for merchants, including duties on deliveries, taxes, receiving returns and customs clearance requirements.

Here are some other benefits of Newgistics’ delivery and returns service to Canada:

Seamless electronics customs clearance eliminates paperwork problems and accelerates the process by providing documentation to customs before the shipment reaches the border.

Prepaid returns shipping label with Newgistics SmartLabel make returns easy. Canadian consumers simply apply a prepaid shipping label to their package and drop it at any Canada Post location.

Door-to-door tracking visibility with Newgistics Shipment Manager helps improve labor planning, inventory management and asset-recovery rates, as merchants are notified of parcels returning from Canada via Transit Triggers.

Competitive transit times at cost-effective rates: Canadian consumers can expect 3-7 day delivery to all Canadian provinces and territories. Outgoing parcels ship through Newgistics’ centralized distribution centers, where parcels are transferred to Landmark Global. Following customs inspection, Canada Post will make the final delivery.

Better customer engagement with branded marketing messages and customer websites help merchants reach customers in new ways. Newgistics’ Transit Triggers allow merchants to send personalized messages to consumers based on specific actions. For example, if a consumer makes a return, the merchant could send a coupon for a future purchase to try to recapture the sale.