Pet peeved

Dec 01, 1998 10:30 PM  By

It may be hard to imagine the King of High Tech, Sharper Image catalog/retail empire founder Richard Thalheimer, steam-cleaning pet stains out of a carpet, but it happens. At least that’s what he says in the October edition of his catalog while touting the benefits of the Steam Wizard hand-held wet/dry vacuum. Thalheimer claims the product worked wonders on stains from “accidents” by French Fry, his miniature dachshund, who hates to be left alone (and takes her displeasure out on her owner’s rug). Lest we think Thalheimer is telling tall tales, he includes a photo of French Fry looking so guilty and forlorn that we all but raced to order the Steam Wizard. Now that’s salesmanship-we don’t even have a dog!