Postal comings (and nongoings on)

Dec 03, 2001 10:30 PM  By

President Bush on Nov. 30 announced that he plans to name Postal Rate Commission (PRC) vice chairman George Omas as chairman of the postal oversight body. Omas has been a postal rate commissioner since 1997.

Omas was instrumental in starting a dialogue in October between the U.S. Postal Service and rate case “intervenors” to consider turning current postal rate case into a “settlement agreement” that could be wrapped up by the end of the spring rather than next fall.

But as of Nov. 30, no decision had been reached. The USPS rate case attorney that day filed his fourth report with the PRC, noting that although a preliminary draft stipulation and agreement has been circulated to all participants, and comments and suggestions had been received, the USPS “is continuing to discuss pertinent issues with certain parties. Based on these developments, the Postal Service continues to believe that settlement among a substantial number of participants is possible.”