Google Acquires Channel Intelligence for $125 Million

Feb 07, 2013 2:34 PM  By

Channel Intelligence, an ecommerce data service company, announced on its blog that they have been acquired by Google for $125 million.

According to Mashable, the deal “is part of an ongoing effort to improve on the Google Shopping experience” and could “provide sellers with better tools to manage and market their products across the web.”

In a very brief statement, Channel Intelligence wrote, “For over ten years, we have focused on making it easy for consumers to find and buy products online and help our clients grow their business. We’ve worked with Google for years, and look forward to the great things we will be able to do together.

Although there is no mention of the deal on Google’s site, in an email to Mashable, the company said “We want to help consumers save time and money by improving the online shopping experience…We think Channel Intelligence will help create a better shopping experience for users and help merchants increase sales across the web.”

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