Webgistix Releases Inventory Placement Products

Mar 13, 2013 11:16 AM  By

Webgistix unveiled SmartShip for merchants this week. The new service will make strategic approaches to inventory placement by leveraging Webgistix’s nationwide network of fulfillment center offering consumers faster and more economical shipping, according to the press release.

Merchants that utilize this service will be able to offer customers a comparable level of service to Amazon Prime by working with fulfillment consultants with Webgistix to optimize the distribution of inventory across Webgistix’s facilities in Atlanta, Las Vegas, New York and Reno. Merchants will cut shipping costs by 35% and reach over 98% of U.S. Consumers in one to two days of ground delivery, according to the press release.

Merchants will be able to shave 24 hours or more off delivery times with optimal inventory placement across the country rather than handling all fulfillment from a single locations. Webgistix network also includes international locations to expedite delivery to consumers outside the U.S.

This new service will complement Webgistix’s suite of services that streamline ecommerce supply chains. Webgistix’s technology platform, Webgistix SmartFill integrates with all major shopping carts and ecommerce platforms including Amazon.