Zappos Sees 85,000 Site Visits After Facebook Activity

Feb 06, 2013 2:47 PM  By

After teaming up with Kenshoo Social, a social marketing platform, to create an integrated Facebook marketing campaign, online retailer, Zappos, generated approximately 85,000 visits to its website in just two months.

According to the Kenshoo Social report, Zappos wanted to get a better understanding on the impact its own social media marketing initiatives had on Facebook and how they could use this information to optimize other marketing programs. The approach, the report said, centered on an active Facebook brand page where Zappos interacts with about 400,000 fans through daily posts, photos, and status updates. On average, the report said, Zappos published five posts a day.

Within those two months, 42%of Zappos’ posts resulted in sales and revenue, the release said.

Zappos was also able to measure Facebook page posts by sales revenue and identify the value as a marketing channel, according to the release. By leveraging new social media metrics, including revenue per post and revenue per click, Zappos was able to identify the brand’s highest converting Facebook page posts. Once those were identified, Zappos’ and social content manager’s tailored subsequent posts toward revenue goals, the study said.

Additionally, the release states, that Zappos’ paid social media buyers were able to promote posts with paid ads based on conversion and revenue data, rather than rely on engagement metrics such as likes and shares, which do not necessarily correlate to sales.

The campaign achieved an average conversion rate of 1.75%, according to a press release, with some of the most successful page posts exceeding 10% conversion rates.

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