SG Merger Corp., not Syngistix, buys Ecometry

The deal is off. CATALOG AGE has learned that the merger agreement between Delray Beach, FL-based Ecometry and Englewood, CO-based supply chain software provider Syngistix was terminated on May 31. Syngistix subsidiary Citrus Merger Corp. was to have acquired software provider Ecometry for $2.90 a share.

But that doesn’t mean Ecometry, formerly known as Smith-Gardner, is still on the market. SG Merger Corp., headed by Smith-Gardner founders Will Smith and Allan Gardner, purchased Ecometry for $2.70 a share.

Ecometry is the provider of the MACS catalog management system, which is used by more than 300 catalogers. The sale of the company comes as Ecometry faces having to migrate MACS users to a new platform. Hewlett-Packard announced in November that it would no longer support the HP 3000 platform, which runs the catalog management system.