Shanghai Sourcing Office for Swiss Colony

As Swiss Colony continues to increase the amount of apparel and hard goods it imports from China, the multititle mailer plans to open an office in Shanghai in October.

Swiss Colony president John Baumann says he hopes to have 20 employees working for the company’s SC Global Sourcing unit in Shanghai within two years. “Some of our employees will spend most of their time out in the factories, overseeing the manufacturing process and making sure that quality requirements and deadlines are being met,” he says. “Other employees will be looking to foster new relationships with other factories.”

Baumann says the $500 million-plus mailer has been buying clothing and furniture from Chinese suppliers for about eight years, “but the volume has grown significantly over the past four years.” Still, Shanghai is a long way from the 81-year-old cataloger’s Monroe, WI-based headquarters. But Baumann believes having a presence in China “will help us work more effectively with Chinese vendors and factories.”

For example, Baumann notes, “we believe we will be able to better design and inspect quality in the product. We’ll be able to drive down costs by better leveraging our volumes with select vendors. And just as importantly, we’ll be able to ensure that the factories we select provide safe working conditions and look out for the financial security of their employees.”

In addition to its food gifts titles Swiss Colony and The Tender Filet, the company mails apparel catalogs Monroe & Main and Midnight Velvet Style; home decor books Through the Country Door and Room for Color, general merchandise titles Ginny’s and Seventh Avenue; and Ashro Lifestyles, an apparel and accessories cataloger geared to African-American women.

Ideally, Baumann says the Global Sourcing organization in Shanghai will “serve as the eyes and ears for our catalog merchants. Our merchants will still travel overseas, but much of the groundwork for their visits will be accomplished before they even get there. This will allow our merchants to spend more time designing product and developing their merchandise lines, versus seeking out factories and vendors, and negotiating deals.”

Could this be a harbinger of further expansion in Asian markets? “We’ll start by using China as our model,” he says. “If it works, we’ll be open to expansion elsewhere.”

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