Small Catalog Forum: Changes

What is the most notable change you’ll make in your business this year?

PEGGY GLENN, owner of Huntington Beach, CA-based Firefighters Bookstore, a mailer of fire-service-related books and games: “We’re becoming more proactive in identifying key accounts and anticipating their needs based on past purchases. For instance, we’ll look to develop new editions of key reference books.”

JIM & JOAN BREAKELL, co-owners of Newport, RI-based jewelry cataloger J.H. Breakell & Co.: “We’ve traditionally not treated the summer season very seriously, since it’s typically a dead time for us. But last summer we did remarkably well. So we may shift some books to our July mailing from our spring mailing.”

MAUREEN SEAMONDS, founder/owner of Webster City, IA-based MyMedMart, which sells home healthcare supplies: “We plan to mail more catalogs so that we can triple our sales in 2003.”