Social Media for Service?

Many online merchants are using social media networks to build their brand, find new customers, and to a lesser extent, sell goods. But can you social media for customer service?

You can if you know where your customers areā€”and if you’re listening to them, says Chris Baggott, CEO/founder of software provider Compendium Blogware. Baggot relates an experience his sister had with electronics retailer Best Buy using Twitter.

“I got an IM from my sister in Pennsylvania, and she told me she tweeted about an issue she had with Best Buy,” Baggott says. “She shortly got two tweets back from Best Buy asking her what the issue was about.”

So from a customer service standpoint, Baggott says, merchants can use social networking to “listen and respond quick to customer service issues.” What’s the best way to do this?

“There is one great opportunity for merchants to get in front of potential customers,” Baggott says. “Show up organically when your prospect has an expressed need or problem. Deliver relevant, human blog content talking about the customer’s problem and how you solve those problems.”