Sport Supply Group to Rebrand as BSN Sports

Aug 04, 2011 9:39 PM  By

Business-to-business sports equipment merchant Sport Supply Group has combined its athletic catalog and field sales operations into one division called BSN Sports. The company will also change its corporate name to BSN Sports on Dec. 31.

Chairman/CEO Adam Blumenfeld doesn’t think the 39-year-old company’s name change should not cause confusion within the industry, since BSN Sports is the company’s largest and most-known catalog.

“We think by aligning 80% of our sales and sales assets with our corporate name, this will be a very powerful message to the market,” Blumenfeld says. “It will allow us to leverage all our resources in this channel behind one name, and act as the under-pinning of how we scale and build the business in the future.”

Sports Supply Group’s annual sales were more than $300 million in 2010, and its direct sales totaled $250.2 million.

The company’s Athletic Connection, US Games, GLSports and Tomark groups will continue to operate as separate groups, says Blumenfeld.

Sports Supply Group, which has acquired five companies in the past two years, was bought by an affiliate of ONCAP Management Partners in March 2010.