Sure, we’ll call you `cranky’

Call me a cranky postal worker (not “disgruntled”), but enough is enough. Every study that’s ever been done about workplace violence has concluded that, among other things, the Postal Service is one of the safest places to work and has one of the lowest rates of workplace violence in any industry.

Your November editorial using the tired old phrase “going postal” and making jokes about a postal employee contemplating murder only serves to perpetuate the myth of the “disgruntled postal worker.” I know the editorial was done tongue-in-cheek, but it isn’t funny to those of us who work for the Postal Service.

We postal workers have to constantly defend ourselves against these baseless ideas that we’re a bunch of half-baked lunatics ready to shoot the first person who looks at us the wrong way. But we’re actually pretty normal, for the most part. Some of us are even nice.

Consider yourself mildly scolded.